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Visual Identity Guidelines for the Georgia Conservancy


Visual Identity Guidelines are used to communicate branding standards and ensure consistency throughout brand representation. I made these mock visual identity guidelines for the Georgia Conservancy and it includes: branding strategy and positioning for the Georgia Conservancy, market research, a new brandmark, color palette, typography, and mockups. 

I selected the Georgia Conservancy for this project because of my involvement with Generation Green, the Conservancy's young professionals board. My goal was to make the Georgia Conservancy visual identity more approachable, friendly, and engaging.


Woodworking & Sewing


I really enjoy the tactile process of making things! Shown in the gallery are a desk I made for my apartment and a bag I made.

I originally built the desk as a multi-purpose piece for my apartment's unusually narrow dining area. I designed and constructed this table as an ergonomic workspace for two, while also functioning as a space for eating and entertaining. 

In thinking about the products I interact with most on a day-to-day basis, many of them are also soft goods! I wanted to explore the fabrication technique and uncovered a love for sewing. Pictured is a bag I made for fun.  

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