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Hi, I'm Emily. 

I’m a creative problem-solver that believes the best solutions happen through collaboration. My background in business, product design, and sustainability should tell you three things: I'm creative, analytical, and an idealist.


I'm currently a dual-degree student, pursuing my MBA and Masters of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech. As a designer, I want to shape the future of digital interactions and experiences in such a way that enhances human connection and wellbeing, but I also want to make products and ecosystems delightful and functional. I hope you see this theme as you look through my work. However, I ultimately don’t want to be the creative within a design team, I want to be a part of the decision-making process. 


So, yes, I’m a designer that went to business school. My MBA is a bridge that provides the know how to develop solutions that are not only creative, but also feasible. I'm graduating (!!) in December 2021, and I'm seeking full time roles in product management, UX research, or service design.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy my work! 



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